Flap and Osseous Surgery

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Flap and Osseous Surgery - New Jersey
Periodontal breakdown
Flap and Osseous Surgery - New Jersey
Gum opened and bacteria cleaned out
Flap and Osseous Surgery - New Jersey
Reshaping the
Flap and Osseous Surgery - New Jersey
Gum sutured close to bone
to reduce pocket depth


Traditionally, gum disease is treated by recreating the adherence of the gum to the tooth. This can be accomplished by a variety of techniques, depending on the type of gum tissue present as well as the amount and pattern of bone loss that has occurred. The area is made numb with local anesthesia (novocaine). The gum is separated from the teeth, thereby enabling the removal of bacteria and diseased tissue and providing access to treat the bone. Depending on the pattern of the bone destruction that has occurred, regeneration of new bone could be accomplished by using a variety of bone grafting or regenerative techniques and materials. Subsequently, the gum is sutured around the teeth to develop an adherence upon healing.

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