Oral Hygiene

Preventative Dental Care

Dental hygiene is the corner stone of dental preventative care. The mission of dental hygiene is to prevent decay, gum disease or its progression, and to enhance esthetics. The hygiene team in our practice has many years of experience treating patients who want to maintain their dental health and have no dental disease to those who have had extensive problems requiring involved treatment. Daily effective oral hygiene is an essential aspect of preventing gum disease. An important aspect of a visit with one of our hygienists is selecting the proper implements for self-care and being trained in their proper use. For example, if you have or plan to purchase a power toothbrush, bring it to your visit so that you can be shown how to use it for the best results.

If you are presently a patient in the practice consider having your spouse, children, other relatives and friends take advantage of the expert skills of our oral hygiene team.

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