Flossing Instructions

Follow the instructions below for the appropriate and effective way of flossing. First, break off an 18-inch length of floss (any kind you like). Wrap the floss around your middle fingers, allowing enough room to control the floss with your index fingers and thumbs.

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Floss wrapped around middle fingers leaving 4 – 5 inches between hands.

Flossing Techniques PA

Floss crosses over top of index fingers, which act to guide floss between teeth.


Floss may also be used by crossing over an index finger and opposite thumb.

Gently slide the floss between two teeth, allowing it to pass through the contact of the two teeth. Many people think this is the stopping point, but it is only the preliminary step.

Flossing Techniques PA

Using index fingers allows easy placement of floss in back regions of the mouth.

How to floss

Using thumb and index finger for flossing front teeth.

Flossing correctly

Floss going past the contact point of the front two teeth. The gum has not yet been cleaned.

Once the floss “breaks the contact”, slide it between the gum and one of the teeth as far as it will go, without causing discomfort. The floss is moved up and down several times, until the plaque is dislodged. When you hear the floss “squeak”, the tooth surface is clean. Don’t remove the floss, but rather slide the floss against the other tooth and repeat the procedure. Each time the floss goes between two teeth there are two places that must be flossed: the side of one tooth and the side of the other tooth. These are two separate steps.

How to Floss PA

Slide the floss under the edge of the gum of one tooth, wrapping around the tooth. Gently move the floss up and down.

Flossing Techniques

Next guide the floss under the gum of the adjacent tooth, wrapping the floss and guiding it up and down.


Flossing the back of the canine, pulling the floss forward to wrap around the tooth.


Flossing the front of the adjacent tooth by pushing the floss backward to wrap around the tooth.

Once the floss has cleaned between the two teeth, move to the next contact and repeat the procedure until all the teeth have been flossed, front and back. Click here to go back to Flossing on the periodontal disease treatment page.

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