Dental Anxiety

Fear remains a primary barrier to seeking and receiving dental care.  Even in this advanced era, when technology appears to have overcome past obstacles resulting in painless dental treatment and the internet provides access to information and eliminates the unknown, fear often prevails.


The origin of the fear may be variable.  The concern may stem from learning the status of one’s dental condition, the time and cost of treatment, the associated potential discomfort, inconvenience as well as meeting and dealing with strangers as part of the process.  This last point is frequently an issue as it relates to treatment in a specialty practice.  Patients develop a comfort level with their generalist but often resist the suggestion of consulting a specialist due to the apprehension of interacting with strangers – the dental specialist and team members.


The members of our practice are sensitive to the apprehension of individuals who come seeking consultations and/or treatment.  Our experience is that following the initial visit, the patient’s level of emotional comfort is significantly increased.  This enables them to rationally make decisions about pursuing dental treatment that will improve their comfort, function and esthetics.

Experiencing Dental Anxiety?

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