No two individuals are the same, and similarly, no two periodontal conditions are the same. For every patient, his or her previous dental experiences, sensitivities, personality, and life experiences will influence his/her  approach to dentistry. While virtually every periodontal patient has a similar goal of restoring or maintaining their teeth and the functions that they provide, the treatments to achieve that goal are as diverse as the individuals themselves.

Upon arrival at our office you will be asked to complete or provide:

  • A medical/dental history form
  • A list of medications you are currently taking (Prescription, Over-the-Counter, Supplements)
  • X-rays from your Dentist
  • HIPAA form (Patient Privacy Act)
  • Patients less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Dr. Eskow will discuss the reasons you are seeking this examination and your goals for oral health. Following this, he will perform a clinical examination which includes oral cancer screening, measurement of periodontal pockets, assessment of bone loss, evaluation of the bite, and identification of loose teeth. In some cases, it may be necessary to take x-rays and a bacterial culture.

At the completion of this examination, Dr. Eskow will discuss your existing periodontal condition, necessary treatment to correct these concerns, time required and the fee for treatment. Your questions and participation in this conference are most welcome. Your spouse/advocate is invited so that they can have their questions and concerns answered.

If your initial visit is for treatment, please notify us when you make the appointment if you have a medical condition (artificial heart valves, artificial joint requiring pre-medication) and/or are taking medications including Coumadin, aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E, gingko, garlic and ginger.


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