Radiographic/Surgical Guides

Radiographic and surgical guides are necessary to properly treatment plan and execute treatment for implant dentistry cases.  The design and accuracy of fit of a radiographic guide provides the needed diagnostic information and enables it to be converted to a surgical guide.

Below are examples of various designs.

Radiographic guides used to fabricate a Materialize® surgical guide have specific requirements.  For the fully edentulous arch, the denture base and the teeth should contain barium of different concentrations.  The guide for the partially edentulous situation will be tooth borne, and only the missing teeth should contain barium.

Surgical guides may be used to obtain an index at the time of implant fixture placement.  This permits the abutment and temporary crown to be fabricated and inserted at stage II surgery.

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Figure 1

 Periodontic Surgery

(Figure 1)A tooth supported radiographic guide with gutta percha used to mark the incisal edges and the long axis of missing teeth

Figure 2

 Dental Implants

(Figure 2)Radiographic guide that is tooth supported with missing teeth coated in barium

Figure 3

 Dental Implant Surgery

(Figure 3)A full arch tissue supported radiographic guide teeth are made with barium

Figure 4

 New Jersey Dental Implants

(Figure 4)A tooth supported barium surgical guide converted from a barium radiographic guide

Figure 5

 Periodontal Implants

(Figure 5)Occlusal view of a barium tooth supported surgical guide

Figure 6

 Dental Implants
(Figure 6) Bone supported Materialize® surgical guide

Figure 7

 Best Dental Implant Surgeon New Jersey

(Figure 7) Materialize® bone supported surgical guides for drill progression

Figure 8

 Implant Dentistry

(Figure 8) Bone supported Materialize surgical guide in during surgery

Figure  9

 Tooth Implant Surgery

(Figure 9)  Poorly fitting tooth supported surgical guide

Figure 10

 Dental Implants NJ

(Figure 10) Well fitting surgical guide with good insical overlap used for taking an index of implant fixture at time of placement

Figure 11

Implant being placed

(Figure 11)  Pick-up impression coping in place

Figure 12

 Dental Implants

(Figure 12) Surgical guide in place with pick-up coping occlusal view


 Dental Implant post
(Figure 13) Luting pick-up coping to surgical guide

Figure 14

 Placing Dental Implants

(Figure 14) Impression coping attached to surgical guide will be sent to lab for abutment and provisional crown placement at Stage II surgery